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Surendra Kumar Mantri had a dream to make the best plastic wares possible explore through the decades-from the birth of a brand to how it came to be a renowned company nationwide. yet we do have a tiny story to tell, a peek at who we are.

founded over 25 years and headquartered in Kolkata, India. Superplast has been creating a niche for itself in this business world of plastics, making differences in the lives of millions through its innovative storage products and plastic wares. superplast have made great efforts in upcoming with this competitive world,its not just a company but a small family working together, having one thing in common, the marketing into their own hands today superplast creats a huge choice of plastic products nationwide, we are passionate on what we do and we are gathering momentum Prudential and our employees have a long-standing committment to the communities where we work and live.

We are a dynamic collective of individuals developing a collaborative platform for organisations through workshops and conferences that are designed to help people innovate and learn.

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